My Research

In 2020, I graduated with my PhD from The University of Sydney through the school of Medicine and Public Health.  During my PhD I developed an informational Flipchart about the lifestyle factors in managing a symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse for paraprofessional health workers to use in remote regions of Nepal.

Throughout my PhD, I published seven peer-reviewed articles and the studies included qualitative interviews, 3D/4D real-time perineal ultrasound, train-the-trainer workshops and a randomised controlled trial on the informational flipchart.  If you would like to learn more about my research, visit my ResearchGate account.

My research expertise includes:

  1. Women’s Health, including pelvic floor muscle assessment and treatment and pelvic organ prolapse
  2. Conservative treatment strategies for pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic floor disorders
  3. Contextualising health information for groups with low literacy
  4. Understanding the health needs for those living in rural and remote communities
  5. Developing international research projects with collaboration from local health professionals and organisations
Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHV) in Nepal

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