Fake it ’til you make it

As a newbie researcher, I wonder if ignorance is bliss.  In my first 7 months as a PhD student, I was able to develop a research proposal, submit an ethics application and have it approved and conduct a study in Nepal.  I’m not exactly sure how I pulled this off and my unrealistic expectations magically seemedContinue reading “Fake it ’til you make it”

You’re only as good as those who support you

I have just completed my first field work project in Nepal for my PhD.  It went surprisingly well considering I have no experience in conducting research.  It quickly became apparent that my success can be entirely credited to my awesome local research assistant.  She had conducted research before and project managed many events in Nepal andContinue reading “You’re only as good as those who support you”

Conducting research in a developing country

I must say that I’m on a rather steep learning curve and am holding on for dear life. Even in the infantile stage of my research, I have hit a few speed bumps and curve balls and am starting to feel a little jostled. Conducting research in Nepal fulfils the dreamer in me but myContinue reading “Conducting research in a developing country”

My thesis in emojis

Did you know that to do a PhD you have to be super smart?  Like Einstein smart.  Yep, this is totally true, if it’s OPPOSITES DAY!! Another thing you may not realise is that, as a PhD student, you have to take yourself very very seriously… In light of these totally made up facts, I willContinue reading “My thesis in emojis”

In the beginning….

So, I’ve recently embarked on this crazy adventure called a PhD.  In all my naivety, I really have no idea what I’m getting myself into.  I guess the optimist in me just thinks it’ll all work itself out in the end. I was lucky enough to stumble across a MOOC put on by ANU andContinue reading “In the beginning….”