About me


I was born in Newcastle and have lived in the Lake Macquarie region, USA, Central Coast and now in Sydney. I studied a Masters of Physical Therapy in Michigan and then moved to Idaho with a total of 10 years living in the USA.  I love so many things about the USA, especially my Chicago born hubby 😉 

After working as a physio for some years, I became interested in learning about how the circumstances you are born into determine your access to health services.  This lead me to study a Masters of Public Health at Sydney University.  The unit that had the biggest impact on me was the International Women’s Health course, which was both inspiring and confronting.  This was a catalyst for starting my PhD looking at improving women’s health for those living in remote regions of Nepal.  For many women born into poverty, they are disadvantaged on every aspect of their life.  Access to health services should not only be for the privileged.  Improving health education and literacy is one way to empower women about their sexual and reproductive rights.  Providing culturally appropriate information to promote informed choices for women is a basic human right.

If you feel so inclined, follow me on twitter: delena_mae

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