Week 1 of my PhD data collection in Nepal

There was so much anticipation and anxiety leading up to commencing my PhD research projects being conducted in Nepal this November.  Having arrived now and completed 2 days of data collection has significantly eased my stress so now I’m feeling quite calm about the upcoming 4 weeks.

Partnering with groups overseas can create an element of stress in regards to project planning but at the same time can also be very inspiring.  The Nepali people continually surprise me in their quiet but competent manners.  They have been so accommodating and gracious meeting our research needs and have made us feel very comfortable and at home in their space.

Being able to work with health professionals from another country provides an amazing opportunity to learn from each other.  The Nepali people are always so eager to learn and take every opportunity to engage and ask questions.  While some of the clinical protocols are different it is not from lack of knowledge but from difficulties with expense, resources and accessibility.

Watching the Nepali health professionals in action has taught me how to show compassion in difficult circumstances.  It is obvious to me that they value people over time management and don’t cut corners in providing education and advice.  These people are making such a significant difference regardless of limited resources.  It is inspiring watching people doing the best that they can.

It is easy to take for granted all the medical services we have in Australia.  It is even easier to complain about the inadequacies of our health system.  We are so lucky to have every health service at our fingertips.  Just spend a few hours in a Nepali hospital and you will feel grateful for what we have in Australia.

Stay posted for updates on how the next 4 weeks go in Nepal!

My other Sydney Uni Phd student partner, Friyan, and the local Nepali Doctor

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