Hey list maker 

I love making lists. The best part of my research process is planning out my week. On my super cute kikki-k stationary, I write out my weekly and daily tasks. Even better than writing the list is checking items off:

  • Read 4 articles CHECK
  • Finish ethics application CHECK
  • Email supervisors YEP

Sometimes, my love for checking off items sways my to do list. You may find a few items like:

  • Make a cup of tea DONE
  • Do 10 squats LATER
  • Muse about becoming a Dame one day (Dame Delena sounds pretty rad aye?) ALWAYS 🤓

My love for list making even makes an appearance in my sleep. I have been a notorious sleep talker and walker my whole life. Most people who know me have a story about my nocturnal shananigans. So, this one time while I was asleep, in the middle of the night, I wrote myself an all important list. Here it is:

Writing lists in my sleep
Writing lists in my sleep

All the important things to consider when one is conducting research 🤔

So, I may spend way too much time planning and writing my lists instead of actually doing real work. The thing is, sometimes it feels like a PhD is a huge sand dune. Trying to climb it takes a huge effort and sometimes it feels like you just keep sliding back down and not making any progress. There is great satisfaction in making a list and checking things off. I think this is important to maintain ones sanity

List maker

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