Confession time

As a kid and the baby of the family, I quickly perfected the art of getting out of undesirable tasks (in the most endearing way possible 😉 )  I had this sneaky trick of pretending to sleep to get out of doing all kinds of challenging ordeals a kid faces on a daily basis.  An afternoon nap could effortlessly replace such things as doing chores, practicing the piano or merely having to physically walk from the couch all the way to bed (how great is it being carried to bed haha).

Now a full-grown woman, pretending to sleep just feels so…. juvenile.  I’ve had to step up and actually do the dishes and make my bed.  It’s tough being an adult and at times I wonder if I pretended to be dead would it get me out of cleaning the bathroom??  Worth a try maybe…

Since starting my Phd, I have now found my new ‘pretending to sleep’ trick which has now become ‘working on my research’.  I’m still pretty keen and motivated and actually do take every little opportunity to spend time on my study.  Perhaps this keenness will fade in time but for now it’s a joy to spend time in my office.

I fully acknowledge how awesome my husband is and how he is far more domesticated than myself.  I am a lucky gal to have a househusband supporting my academic pursuits.  Although, if I am 100% honest, I must confess, sometimes I go and ‘study’ to get out of doing the dishes!!  Please don’t tell him I’m actually trolling Twitter and Pinterest 😉  #sorrynotsorry

What do you mean, I have to do the dishes?
What do you mean, I have to do the dishes?

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